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Oops, Apache had a moment

Sorry about that a month process took the Apache system fo teh server for a complete crap at midnight PST last night. All fixed and there was no worries as I had a backup only a few hours old so everythign was secure. Nothing lost just some down time.

We will now continue with your regularly scheduled programming…

The meat of the details are this:

At midnight the server began to run it’s month ‘cleanup’. Well like any drunk housemaid it started rooting about in areas best left unexplored and found some old crap we long thought deleted. Having foudn said crap it began inserting back into where ti no longer belonged.

Well that made the Apache web server all cheesed of and instead of ignoring the bad entries it decided (as any civil servant might) to go on strike until someone else cleaned up the mess. At 9:15 the local apache geek came in (15 minutes late) and by 9:30 it was working fine once again after the crap was removed.

Nothing was damaged or otherwise bothered but it was really annoying and though a quick fix of re-directing the site might have explained the problem (having a little temporary site).. it would have taken a few hours to ‘undo’ the redirection so I left things appearing ‘broken’.

So there you are. Not really very glamourous but things are happy and should behave normally. At least it was good to find out people missed the site.. sometimes I wonder.

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