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Effects of abuse on women’s health

Canadian researchers are recruiting women who have left abusive relationships to study the impact that partner violence has had on their long-term mental and physical health.

“The long-term health consequences of intimate partner violence and the associated personal and social costs are very poorly understood, especially in Canada,” said Marilyn Ford-Gilboe of the University . . . → Read More: Effects of abuse on women’s health

Scientists rumble Earth’s hum

By David Adam,

Scientists have solved the mystery of a global hum which has plagued them since it was discovered in 1998. The constant drone at low frequencies, well below the range of human hearing, shows up in seismic measurements but cannot be explained by events such as earthquakes.

Junkee Rhie and Barbara . . . → Read More: Scientists rumble Earth’s hum

Mind, body, home

By Sonya Zalubowski

The scratching and peeps of the baby sparrows who live in the eaves of Rick Sievers’ cottage sometimes interrupt his artistic musings in the room below, but that doesn’t bother him.

“It’s part of the deal I made with this house,” Sievers says of his West Vancouver cottage, which he has . . . → Read More: Mind, body, home

Tribes gather for music festival

An gathering of cross-cultural soul singers, percussionists and instrumentalists are the entertainment foundation of the Gathering of Tribes World Music Festival, held in Dana, CA, on the Pit River Tribe Reservation in Shasta County October 8th, 9th and10th, 2004. Festival promoter, medicine man, singer and Eagle dancer Jack Fallsrock says, “The festival is about alternative . . . → Read More: Tribes gather for music festival

Story Of The Weeping Camel

For most Westerners, the Gobi Desert conjures up long-romanticised images of a vast expanse populated by nomad herders living in cosy yurts. The Story Of The Weeping Camel (Ingen Numsil), Mongolia’s official nomination for the 2004 Academy Awards and a docudrama about one particular family, trades on that romanticism but adds a lyrical touch all . . . → Read More: Story Of The Weeping Camel

Sexual Offences – Definitions

Consent no defence

150.1 (1) Where an accused is charged with an offence under section 151 or 152 or subsection 153(1), 160(3) or 173(2) or is charged with an offence under section 271, 272 or 273 in respect of a complainant under the age of fourteen years, it is not a defence that the . . . → Read More: Sexual Offences – Definitions

Anti-blasphemy law: harassment and violence religions

Pakistan – Even a minister admits that the law to defend Islam gets abused. Four thousand reports of blasphemy against Islam since 1986. The numbers speak for themselves: 151 Muslims, 59 Ahmadis (Editor’s note: members of a Muslim sect), 65 Christians and 5 Hindus charged with blasphemy for a total of 280 people. These are . . . → Read More: Anti-blasphemy law: harassment and violence religions

New $20 bills released

By Bill Graveland

The Bank of Canada launched another salvo in the war against counterfeiters Wednesday with the release of a new $20 bill into circulation.

The bill, first unveiled last month, has the same kind of security features as the new $100 banknote, and officials say the strategy appears to be working. . . . → Read More: New $20 bills released

Indian education is more lore than books

By Simon Otto

Quite a while back when I was still working, a friend invited us to his house near the Sleeping Bear Dunes area. I had a strange feeling. The following incident ties in with what my grandfather related to me.

My friend had a cabin on the lake and they had other friends . . . → Read More: Indian education is more lore than books

Drug abusers becoming cheese thieves

A black market for cheese is developing in St. John’s, Nfld., as drug abusers find ways to support their addiction, police say.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary says people are stealing and reselling food from supermarkets and other stores to pay for their drugs.

Staff Sgt. June Layden says a man who threatened to stab people . . . → Read More: Drug abusers becoming cheese thieves