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The Spirit of Sex

Vibrating to the Rhythm of Love
by Mabel Iam

Has it ever occurred to you that your body is sacred? And that intercourse is a great ritual? The game of love is so profound that only very few dare to really play it. But the game is open, here and now. The human body is a shrine, a sacred place, the place where the Universe revels in its own beauty.

When sex is sacred, mind and body are integrated in celebration of life itself, and the game of the lovers’ energies is played.

When one finally discovers that the body is the soul’s shrine, sexuality becomes a great gate towards transcendental possibilities for pleasure. It might not be open for everybody, but it is the only way for those who are willing to reach amazing peaks.

You and your partner can try some exercises and techniques to supplement your actual lovemaking

The Power of Truth Words have a lot of spiritual power and make things happen in a relationship, that’s why it is important for the couple to try out the following exercise. Take a seat opposite each other and make the questions you need to clarify or carefully assess the way in which your sex and love is working for both of you. Feel grateful for every answer you get, because it is a way of opening up and better accept the other person’s surrender.

These are possible questions you might want to ask
“¢ What were you expecting of our relationship which we still haven’t got?
“¢ Do you feel I reach your heart when I caress you?
“¢ Do you feel that whatever we do is geared towards our evolution?
“¢ When we are together, pleasure is superb, but is there anything else you need?

The answers should be short, for instance:
“¢ “What I’ve chipped into our relationship so far has been…”
“¢ “I’d like our relationship to be more intimate…”
“¢ “I need to feel more fulfilled and with you so far…”

Keep making the same question until all has been said on the issue. When you finish, try to find those points in common and those which turned out to be more important, moving, or surprising. If you put this exercise into practice frequently, you will feel an inner communion with your partner.

© 2003 Mabel Iam. All Rights Reserved.

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