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The Spirit of Sex

Vibrating to the Rhythm of Love by Mabel Iam

Has it ever occurred to you that your body is sacred? And that intercourse is a great ritual? The game of love is so profound that only very few dare to really play it. But the game is open, here and now. The human body is . . . → Read More: The Spirit of Sex

Mount Vesuvius world’s most dangerous volcano

Mount Vesuvius in southern Italy is the world’s most dangerous volcano, and a constant threat to hundreds of thousands of people who live in its shadow, an Italian expert said on Saturday.

“Mount Vesuvius is currently the most threatening volcano in the world, because of the dense population living in the area,” Franco Barberi, of . . . → Read More: Mount Vesuvius world’s most dangerous volcano

Hands up those who believe

By Carrie Mitchell

It’s easy to be sceptical about fortune-telling. After all, the most well-known form of this is astrology – and most people find it highly unlikely that everyone born between April 21 and May 21 will be brought luck on one particular day by a man wearing the colour blue. However, there is . . . → Read More: Hands up those who believe

For Sale: Haunted House

By Randi Bjornstad

The house-for-sale ad in Saturday’s paper starts out like many others – bedrooms, bathrooms, formal dining room – but then it lists a unique feature: resident ghost.

“We haven’t seen anything, we mainly hear noises,” said owner Charlotte Brady, who lived in the two-story, 80-year-old house on Fillmore Street for about . . . → Read More: For Sale: Haunted House

Ontario mulls province-wide ban on pit bulls

Ontario is considering a province-wide ban on pit bulls following a weekend attack on a Toronto man, the province’s attorney general says.

“If we are banning or otherwise restricting otherwise dangerous weapons, why would we not include these animals as well?” Michael Bryant told the Toronto Star.

Municipalities already have the option of . . . → Read More: Ontario mulls province-wide ban on pit bulls

‘Live’ corpse kept in glass coffin

THE body of a 17-year-old boy has rested in a glass coffin in his family home in Vietnam for 36 years after a local medicine man told his bereaved parents he was still alive.

The boy’s younger brother, Dinh Huu Tri, said that although no preservatives had been used, the corpse had remained mostly intact . . . → Read More: ‘Live’ corpse kept in glass coffin

Millions of Sikhs flock to Golden Temple

India’s president covered his head with a white scarf and walked barefoot into the Golden Temple today, joining hundreds of thousands of Sikhs in the once a century celebration of the installation of Sikhism’s holy book at their most sacred shrine.

President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam stood barefoot with his hands folded for 20 minutes in . . . → Read More: Millions of Sikhs flock to Golden Temple

Hermes Found

Greek God found in Crockett bar

By Delfin Vigil, Carrie Sturrock

After a weeklong binge in the back of a bar, Hermes is home again. “Resting Hermes,” the 300-plus-pound bronze statue and relic from San Francisco’s 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition that was stolen earlier this month, has been returned to its rightful owners at . . . → Read More: Hermes Found

5th Harry Potter nabs Nair

Production is still underway for the fourth installment of the “Harry Potter” franchise, but Warner Bros. already has its sights set on a director for the fifth film in the popular fantasy series.

Mira Nair, the director of “Monsoon Wedding” and the upcoming period drama “Vanity Fair”, has been offered the chance to helm “Harry . . . → Read More: 5th Harry Potter nabs Nair

Burned woman victim of black magic

A man accused of burning his girlfriend to death allegedly told police she was under a black magic spell, a jury in Auckland heard yesterday. Ahmad Riyaz Khan, 23, is facing a High Court trial for the murder of Gulshad Banu Hussein, 23, who died of her injuries on the forecourt of the Shell service . . . → Read More: Burned woman victim of black magic