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More parents choose to educate children at home

By Polly Curtis

Families are rejecting the state school system in favour of educating their children at home at a rate of more than 100 per month, as worried parents seek to avoid the pressures of Sats and bullying, a leading advocacy group for home education said yesterday.

The rising numbers are a cause of . . . → Read More: More parents choose to educate children at home

Not ‘Harry Potter’: A Vicar’s Tale

By Dinitia Smith

G.P. Taylor, an Anglican vicar, onetime roadie for the Sex Pistols and former all-around sinner, was roaring across the Yorkshire moors on his Yamaha XV1100 in a lightning storm when the idea for his hit Christian children’s book, “Shadowmancer,” came to him.

Like some other committed Christians, he had been disturbed . . . → Read More: Not ‘Harry Potter’: A Vicar’s Tale

Circumcision debate in Canada

Imagine there’s a religion that believes in burning children with a red-hot iron. They believe their god commands them to take a two-week-old child and brand a circle into the base of their spine using an iron, to show their loyalty and so followers will recognize each other. In the olden days, the kid would . . . → Read More: Circumcision debate in Canada

Acupuncture result good

Wrist acupuncture is as effective as medication for easing post-operation nausea, according to research to be reported in the New Scientist. Hong Kong and Australian scientists reviewed 26 trials which focussed on use of the so-called pericardium, or P6, acupuncture point in the wrist.

The trials involved 3,000 patients who were either given P6 acupuncture . . . → Read More: Acupuncture result good

Brain Chemicals Key to Spiritual Experience

By Frederica Saylor

Lower serotonin levels make people more open to religious practices, experiences. Whether you prefer whirling with the dervishes, participating in liturgical services or meditating with Buddhists may depend on the level of serotonin in your brain, recent research indicates.

Participation in and receptivity to certain religious and spiritual practices may be . . . → Read More: Brain Chemicals Key to Spiritual Experience

A cremation fit for a princess

By Rob Taylor

It is a dangerous business holding a funeral for a Balinese royal. As thousands gathered at the weekend for one of the largest royal cremations in 100 years, the risk of serious injury loomed on every gold-leaf corner. Or at every level of the ornate 25-metre-high funeral tower used to move the . . . → Read More: A cremation fit for a princess

The truth shall set you free

By Gord McLaughlin

My first religious impulse in decades, perhaps ever, came while I was reading Tom Harpur’s best-selling book, The Pagan Christ. In it, he compiles existing, if obscure, scholarly work to argue that the stories of the Christian Bible were meant as metaphor, and that all the significant elements can be traced back . . . → Read More: The truth shall set you free

Electric cars that pay

By Mark Clayton

So, you’re thinking of buying one of those gas-electric hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight. They’re trendy, conserve fuel, and reduce pollution. But to really go “green,” some entrepreneurs and academics say, you should try a Volkswagen Jetta. Not just any Jetta. A dark blue one that a California . . . → Read More: Electric cars that pay

Sikhs in NYPD can wear turbans

For the first time Sikhs would serve as officers in the New York City Police Department (NYPD) with their turbans and uncut beards, Washington-based Sikh Coalition said on Thursday. On June 29, this year, New York City Commission on Human Rights issued a final decision and order calling on NYPD to allow traffic enforcement agent . . . → Read More: Sikhs in NYPD can wear turbans

Wicca Allegations

As we understand it, Wicca is sort of a nature religion, a belief that rustling leaves or soft summer rain or golden sunsets have a spiritual essence. Followers talk of the life-giving “goddess”? or pray to the spirit of the wind, etc. Some call themselves “pagans”? or “witches”? “” but the latter means healer, not . . . → Read More: Wicca Allegations