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‘Working forest’ dies

By Lindsay Kines

Environmentalists claimed victory Thursday as the B.C. government backed away from its plan to designate almost half the province as a working forest. Ken Wu, executive director of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, said the “working forest” is now just words without legislative teeth. Environmentalists believe the decision means forests and . . . → Read More: ‘Working forest’ dies

Fire beetle fights the fire bugs

A quirky beetle which lays its eggs in smouldering trees may one day help fight the forest fires that each year ravage parts of the Mediterranean coastline, southern California and Indonesia. That’s the hope of a pair of German zoologists who are devoted fans of the European jewel beetle (Melanophila acuminata), an opportunistic species which . . . → Read More: Fire beetle fights the fire bugs

Vatican reportedly criticizes feminism

An upcoming Vatican statement on the roles of men and women criticizes feminism for trying to ignore the biological differences between the sexes, German and Italian media reported Friday. The 37-page document, expected to be released by the Vatican on Saturday, also calls on governments “to manage conditions so that women do not need to . . . → Read More: Vatican reportedly criticizes feminism

Defending the Jesus market

By Betty Smartt Carter

A reporter recently asked Brian Dannelly, director of the controversial movie “Saved!,” why it is acceptable for Hollywood to lampoon evangelical Christians but not, for example, Orthodox Jews or Muslims. Dannelly’s casual answer startled me: the “Jesus Rocks” movement (i.e. evangelical pop culture) is a multi-billion dollar industry–something you can’t . . . → Read More: Defending the Jesus market

A dwelling place for deities

By Fernando Diaz

Amid the buzz of saws and the shrill of drills, human hands do the gods’ work along Route 59 near Bartlett. The efforts of more than 3,000 volunteers and workers who have labored for years across three continents will culminate in the dedication of a white marble palace fit for Hindu deities.

. . . → Read More: A dwelling place for deities

Amma touches millions with hugs

By Frances Stahnke

“Leave my shoes out here?” I thought they had to be kidding. While I was used to shedding my shoes before yoga or meditation, or even before entering my own home, this was New York City. The sweet woman informing me that the shoes must come off was not from India, . . . → Read More: Amma touches millions with hugs

Ancient find unearth past religious battles

A Roman font dating back more than 1,600 years has been unearthed in a Lincolnshire field. The 4th century artefact is one of only 18 to be discovered in Britain and has been described by archaeologists as a “significant” find. It is thought the find, which has been cut into pieces, reflects a period of . . . → Read More: Ancient find unearth past religious battles

Witchdoctors helped to find Borneo crash victims

Malaysian rescuers have found the bodies of the remaining two passengers of a helicopter that crashed in the jungles of Borneo nearly three weeks ago. Authorities had enlisted the help of two Australian experts in infra-red technology as well as witch doctors as part of desperate efforts to find the missing chopper.

More than 2,000 . . . → Read More: Witchdoctors helped to find Borneo crash victims

Land of Sex and Sinners

The connection between the Irish and their genitals is a meaty matter that great minds have pondered. “I am still of opinion that only two topics can be of the least interest to a serious and studious mood ““ sex and the dead,” opined W. B. Yeats, who, showing unusual practicality for a poet, combined . . . → Read More: Land of Sex and Sinners

Council To Appeal Jesus Prayer Ruling

The Great Falls Town Council has agreed to fight a decision by a federal appeals court that bars using the name of Jesus Christ in prayers before meetings. The council agreed unanimously to ask the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear the case.

Great Falls Mayor H.C. Starnes said most of the people . . . → Read More: Council To Appeal Jesus Prayer Ruling