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Amma touches millions with hugs

By Frances Stahnke

“Leave my shoes out here?” I thought they had to be kidding. While I was used to shedding my shoes before yoga or meditation, or even before entering my own home, this was New York City. The sweet woman informing me that the shoes must come off was not from India, but she dressed like she was. Beside her was a kind gentleman who explained. “We remove our shoes out of reverence for ‘the Mother’ Ammachi.”

Well, to leave my cherished Birkenstocks on shelves with the ocean of Birkenstocks already there seemed a risky thing to do. But I did it, leaving a book I’d been reading beneath my shoes to help identify them. Upon walking back into the church’s foyer, I nearly bumped into a young man with dazed eyes and a grin so full of bliss that it seemed he would have kept grinning if I’d inadvertently knocked him down. Suddenly I wasn’t so sure about this grand adventure.

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