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Once in a blue moon

By Sally McGraw

Don’t forget that tonight is a blue moon — the second full moon to fall within a solar calendar month. This moon is believed to be imbued with the magic of prosperity and gain. Where did this term come from? It seems to have two main parts:

Over time, a few . . . → Read More: Once in a blue moon

Gythia & Sparky – Hand-Fasting

Well since Gythia and Sparky are getting hand-fasted today and a good chuck of the staff will be there it’ll likely be a ‘Slow News Day’.

Enjoy Lammas, the long weekend and a jump into the Forums to keep up with latest goings on. Don’t worry you’ll get all caught tomorrow.. the world is . . . → Read More: Gythia & Sparky – Hand-Fasting

Celebrating Summer’s End

The ancient customs of the Celtic festival Lughnasa, and how you can honor the holiday today.

By Waverly Fitzgerald

Modern pagans celebrate the wheel of the year with eight seasonal holidays””the solstices and equinoxes and the cross-quarter-days in between. The ancient Celtic festival Lughnasa (pronounced loonasah), falling midway between summer solstice and autumn . . . → Read More: Celebrating Summer’s End

Does organic food bring added health benefits?

The benefits of conventionally grown produce over organic foods was the focus of a recent debate between food technologists with scientists warning it is too early to reach conclusions, despite new research that suggests some organic produce could have added health benefits.

Meeting at the Institute of Food Technologists annual meeting in Las Vegas two . . . → Read More: Does organic food bring added health benefits?

Quantum-Touch and Reiki

By Phylameana lila Desy,

Reiki is enhanced by Quantum-Touch. Quantum-Touch has no attunements or symbols. Quantum-Touch is a natural and innate skill that can be learned with simple breathing and body awareness techniques. These techniques allow the Quantum-Touch practitioner to powerfully focus and amplify the life-force energy.

Practitioners of Quantum-Touch don’t become drained or . . . → Read More: Quantum-Touch and Reiki

Environmentalists victory on government’s forest plan

VICTORIA (CP) – Environmentalists claimed victory Thursday on the government’s feared working forest initiative, saying the Liberals whittled down their plans to open much of British Columbia’s forest land to future development.

The government responded to the cries of success by environmentalists by saying it’s done the right thing after consulting widely. “If that’s backing . . . → Read More: Environmentalists victory on government’s forest plan

Mysterious fairy ring mushrooms appear in garden

A Circle of mushrooms which has cropped up in a Lincolnshire garden is causing a conflict between the residents and the experts. The ring of fungi has appeared on the lawn of Margaret and Marcus Hope’s house, in Lancaster Drive, Scampton, near Lincoln.

The family believe the circle is caused by mystical fairies which have . . . → Read More: Mysterious fairy ring mushrooms appear in garden

One in 10 had West Nile

By Danielle Lepage

West Nile virus infected more people in the Five Hills Health Region in 2003 than any other region across North America since the virus first appeared on the continent in 1999, a new comprehensive study says.

The Five Hills region, including Moose Jaw, Assiniboia, Gravelbourg, Mossbank and Willow Bunch, had an . . . → Read More: One in 10 had West Nile

New audit blasts suspended Canada Post president

Revenue Minister John McCallum has given suspended Canada Post president André Ouellet one week to respond to a new audit slamming management practices at the Crown corporation. McCallum, who called the audit “troubling,” said he will consult Treasury Board officials after that time to consider appropriate action.

Earlier this year, Ouellet was suspended after . . . → Read More: New audit blasts suspended Canada Post president

Court upholds Alabama ban on sale of sex toys

A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld a 1998 Alabama law banning the sale of sex toys in the state, ruling the Constitution doesn’t include a right to sexual privacy. In a 2-1 decision overturning a lower court, a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the state has a right to . . . → Read More: Court upholds Alabama ban on sale of sex toys