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Disaster in Darfur

Few international media sources are running the story about Darfur, where the worst humanitarian disaster is unfolding before the blinkered eyes of the international community which has other preoccupations at present.

A civil war has raged on and off for the last two decades in the southern Sudan, where Arab Janjaweed militia and negro militants . . . → Read More: Disaster in Darfur

Evolutionary astrologer

By Angela Jeffs

Days that suggest difficulty can flow with ease, and those that appear simple and uncomplicated leave one spinning in puzzlement. Nice relaxing idea then to spend a quiet morning in Shimokitazawa having my birth chart charted by an evolutionary astrologer. Except I leave her map inside a highly relevant book on the . . . → Read More: Evolutionary astrologer

The dark, weird world of the Goths

By Lauren Mannering

Theatrically made-up eyes stare defiantly from behind the thick black curtain of her hair as her dark lips envelop the filter of her long, thin menthol cigarette. Squeezed into a black lace corset, a black velvet skirt billows around as she walks. Looking at her, one would be forgiven for thinking that . . . → Read More: The dark, weird world of the Goths

Sky-high fuel prices spark renewable energy

With fuel prices at record levels, U.S. consumers are once again turning their attention to more efficient cars, companies are investing in renewable energy and government programs are encouraging conservation.

The trend mimics the 1970s, when record high oil prices led Americans to trade in their gas guzzlers for smaller foreign cars — but this . . . → Read More: Sky-high fuel prices spark renewable energy

Mass hysteria caused illness on bus

A leading epidemiologist at the University of British Columbia says a suspected poisoning on a Vancouver bus earlier this week appears to be a case of mass hysteria.

Dr. Richard Mathias said Friday that it’s very possible there was never any noxious or toxic substance on the bus, where several people became ill. And . . . → Read More: Mass hysteria caused illness on bus

Tribal woman branded witch, paraded naked

A tribal woman was branded a witch and paraded naked in a village in Orissa while her children were forced to watch the torture. The incident occurred in Tainsar village, about 20 km from Rourkela city, on May 5 night but came to light only after the victim filed a police complaint Friday.

Tainsar . . . → Read More: Tribal woman branded witch, paraded naked

Priestess hits back at ghost tour warning

A self-styled pagan high priestess who is planning ghost tours in a south Shropshire town today hit back at a former mayor who said participants could be harmed psychologically.

Councillor Dr Gerald St John Penney – Bishop’s Castle’s nine-time mayor and a district councillor – said that the tours being planned by psychic Abbie . . . → Read More: Priestess hits back at ghost tour warning

Regina priest arrested

A Regina priest appeared in court yesterday charged with making child pornography, soliciting children and obtaining the services of a prostitute. Pedro Surtida Aldea had been arrested at the airport Thursday night after returning home from a vacation.

He was released from custody on his own recognizance with the consent of the Crown prosecutor . . . → Read More: Regina priest arrested

Microbes deteriorate Mayan ruins from inside out

by Jim Sliwa

Researchers from Havard University have discovered the presence of a previously unidentified microbial community inside the porous stone of the Maya ruins in Mexico that may be capable of causing rapid deterioration of these sites. They present their findings at the 104th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.

“The presence . . . → Read More: Microbes deteriorate Mayan ruins from inside out

16 reasons why people are attracted to religion

People are not drawn to religion just because of a fear of death or any other single reason, according to a new comprehensive, psychological theory of religion. There are actually 16 basic human psychological needs that motivate people to seek meaning through religion, said Steven Reiss, author of the new theory and professor of psychology . . . → Read More: 16 reasons why people are attracted to religion