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Is J. K. Rowling a better fiction writer than God?

A comparison study between the 2 books…

– Harry Potter Book A serpent is the first indication to Harry that he has access to special powers that will cause his angry foster father to become jealous and kick him out of his house.

– Bible A serpent is the first indication to Eve . . . → Read More: Is J. K. Rowling a better fiction writer than God?

Tibetan gongs used in sound therapy

By Martin J. Kidston

Some are visited by deceased relatives. Others hear angels calling. Some endure a change of consciousness “” a moment of profound enlightenment. Whatever they experience, they’re each inspired by the resonance of a temple gong and its mysterious ability to bring the mind, the body and the spirit into harmony.

Richard . . . → Read More: Tibetan gongs used in sound therapy

Team Finds ‘Evidence’ Of Paranormal

The team of paranormal experts brought into Devonport Dockyard have already collected evidence of ‘energies’ after their first night of work. The team of 20, brought in by the Royal Navy after persistent reports of ghosts and paranormal activity in the historic South Yard, had their first walk around the yard yesterday and spent the . . . → Read More: Team Finds ‘Evidence’ Of Paranormal

Pregnant for half a century?

Last year, an elderly woman attended a clinic in Rabat, Morocco. The lady complained she was feeling heaviness in the lower part of her stomach and experienced shortness of breath.

X-ray indicated that the lady needed immediate surgery. The surgery was conducted the next day. Surgeons made a Caesarian section and extracted a formless calcified . . . → Read More: Pregnant for half a century?

Thumbling As Journeyman

A certain tailor had a son, who happened to be small, and no bigger than a Thumb, and on this account he was always called Thumbling. He had, however, some courage in him, and said to his father, “Father, I must and will go out into the world.” “That’s right, my son,” said the old . . . → Read More: Thumbling As Journeyman

U.S. won’t accept softwood decision

The U.S. Commerce Department is sharply criticizing a NAFTA panel that ruled twice in Canada’s favour in the multibillion-dollar softwood lumber dispute.

In a release Friday, the department’s International Trade Commission said the trade panel has been unfair, exceeded its authority and violated U.S. law in deciding the American lumber industry hasn’t proven it’s . . . → Read More: U.S. won’t accept softwood decision

Religious Freedom: Where It Stands

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom published its annual report May 12 amid little media attention. The commission was established in 1998 to monitor religious freedom and to advise the president, secretary of state, and Congress on how best to promote it.

The timing of this year’s report might strike some as inauspicious. . . . → Read More: Religious Freedom: Where It Stands

Hollywood plans stir Celtic ghosts

By Pete Harrison

Mel Gibson is guaranteed a panning for his forthcoming film on Britain’s warrior queen Boudicca, experts say — either from the feminists who have turned her into an icon, or from the historians for whom she remains an enigma. Gibson is no stranger to controversy. His “Passion of the Christ” caused uproar . . . → Read More: Hollywood plans stir Celtic ghosts

Honoring life’s meaning

By Susan Glairon

She spent the day alone meditating. That evening, dressed in an Indian half sari made specially for the occasion, she entered the circle. Her mother, Meg Smith, tied a red ribbon on her daughter’s wrist, joined it to her own and led her to eight women. Mother and daughter passed through a . . . → Read More: Honoring life’s meaning

Looking east for a spiritual home

By Eilis Quinn

Welcome to our Soul Matters page. From Buddhist philosophy to alternative faiths, many people today are looking beyond traditional religion for spiritual fulfillment. We’re broadening the scope of our religion coverage to reflect these trends. While we will continue to cover mainstream religion here and elsewhere in The Gazette, we want . . . → Read More: Looking east for a spiritual home