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Ear candling can be beneficial

By Liz Koch

A centuries-old method, the ancient technique of ear candling, or ear coning, has continued to this day as a useful home remedy. Thought to have originated with the Egyptians around 2500 B.C., candling was used for spiritual cleansing as well as physical cleaning. Ear candling is a procedure practiced all over the world, specifically in Egypt, China and in American Indian cultures.

Local health wellness coach Charlotte Carreira, who will be speaking next Thursday, says “the ear contains approximately four thousand pores along with several thousand nerve endings, intersecting with acupuncture points associated with organs, bones, muscles and skin. Thought to carry subtle life energy, these points run long and deep into our system connecting to our sinuses, skeleton, lymph nodes, eyes and other parts of our body.

Read the original article at: Santa Cruz Sentinel

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