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Finding Your Inner Divinity

By Angelica Danton

Myths and legends have always fascinated me, and my favorite legends were always those involving the ancient Gods and Goddesses. As a child, I would rush to the library to get the latest books on the gods. It didn’t matter to me if I read about Norse, Roman, Greek, or Chinese myth ““ all were fascinating. The energy of the divine was always slightly larger than life, and the morals contained in these fabulous stories from every country on earth instinctively felt like truth to me.

Even then, I realised that on one level these stories were fantasy. On a deeper level, however, I understood that they were moral stories and that I had much to learn from and see in them. Nothing pleased me more than their diversity, how one myth reflected the divine in one culture and the other reflected it in another, perhaps on the other side of the world. Surely, I felt, we are all interconnected no matter what race or culture we come from. We are linked in the divine spirit somehow.

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