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Team Finds ‘Evidence’ Of Paranormal

The team of paranormal experts brought into Devonport Dockyard have already collected evidence of ‘energies’ after their first night of work. The team of 20, brought in by the Royal Navy after persistent reports of ghosts and paranormal activity in the historic South Yard, had their first walk around the yard yesterday and spent the night in the base. They were holed up in the Master Ropemaker’s House, believed to be Plymouth’s most haunted building, and the Hangman’s Cell, where it is understood 140 men were executed.

They have been told not to discuss their findings in detail until they give the Royal Navy a full report in about two months’ time. But Barbara Jones, a medium and psychic, said this morning: “There was definitely activity in the Hangman’s Cell and we have got evidence of it.” Some of the team – which included a psychic called Goldie and paranormal researcher Ian Addicoat – had also felt an ‘energy’ in the Master Ropemaker’s House, including on the top floor and the second-floor bedroom, where there was ‘a very unpleasant feeling’.

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