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Hollywood plans stir Celtic ghosts

By Pete Harrison

Mel Gibson is guaranteed a panning for his forthcoming film on Britain’s warrior queen Boudicca, experts say — either from the feminists who have turned her into an icon, or from the historians for whom she remains an enigma. Gibson is no stranger to controversy. His “Passion of the Christ” caused uproar among Jewish groups, who tried to have the film banned, charging that the graphic portrayal of the crucifixion unjustly portrayed Jews as his killers.

Now his Icon production company is working on “Warrior” in the race to take Boudicca to the big screen — a subject guaranteed to raise hackles in Britain, whose occupants Boudicca spurred to rebel against their Roman occupiers in AD 60-62. “Take any figure where there’s been emotional investment and you’re going to annoy someone,” said folklorist Dr Juliette Wood. “We know so little about her and yet she has been turned into a meta-historical icon.”

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