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Radio show airs alien encounters

By Eliot Kleinberg

The caller was a pilot 30,000 feet over Area 51, the mysterious Nevada military base that allegedly holds crashed UFOs. The radio host urged him to turn back. The pilot reported an F-16 military jet was heading his way.

“It looks like some kind of ray gun is coming up from the . . . → Read More: Radio show airs alien encounters

U.S. to defend Muslim girl wearing scarf in school

By Terry Frieden

The Justice Department announced Tuesday the government’s civil rights lawyers have jumped into a legal case to support a Muslim girl’s right to wear a head scarf in a public school.

Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Alex Acosta said government lawyers would support 11-year-old Nashala Hearn, a sixth-grade student who has . . . → Read More: U.S. to defend Muslim girl wearing scarf in school

Berlin city bans headscarves

Following weeks of controversy over Islamic headscarves, municipal lawmakers Wednesday barred Berlin city employees from wearing “visible religious symbols” of any kind.

The compromise legislation, adopted by the majority Social Democrats and former East German Communists now known as the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) effectively bans the wearing of Moslem headscarves, Christian crosses, . . . → Read More: Berlin city bans headscarves

Four Christians arrested in Egypt

Four Christians have been arrested in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt after police found that they had Bibles and Christian music tapes in their possession, according to reports received by the Jubilee Campaign.

The four Christians – Peter Nady Kamel, Ishaq Dawoud Yassa, John Adel and Andrew Sa’id – all University students at Cairo or . . . → Read More: Four Christians arrested in Egypt

Haunted trolley car turns 100

by Sandra Thomas

VANCOUVER – The famous old black and white photograph shows a shadowy male figure climbing onto the steps of an electric streetcar being moved into the Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant, under construction at the time.

The 1969 picture stumped everyone who saw it-not only was there no one on the steps . . . → Read More: Haunted trolley car turns 100

Reclaiming the Culture through the Feminine Genius

By Angela E. Pometto

Last Saturday the Arlington Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (ADCCW) gathered for its biannual convention at Holy Spirit Church in Annandale. Approximately 250 women attended the event. Along with the normal yearly business meeting, ADCCW took this weekend to initiate the Women Doctors of the Church program that will be spread . . . → Read More: Reclaiming the Culture through the Feminine Genius

Drug Re-Importation Targeted

Eli Lilly and Co. has escalated its campaign to curb Canadian drug re-importation by requiring Canadian Internet pharmacies to tell Lilly how much of Lilly’s drugs they order from wholesalers or possibly be cut off from supplies.

In a letter to Canadian Internet drug retailers and Lilly’s authorized Canadian wholesalers, the Indianapolis-based company outlined . . . → Read More: Drug Re-Importation Targeted

Librarian sees increase in number of banned books

By Lyndsay Knecht

Frances May, Coordinator of User Education and Outreach at NT, choked back tears as she began her lecture on the history of banned books and information. “Please bear with me,” May said.

She appeared flustered throughout the talk she gave to about 30 students in the Enviornmental Education, Science and Technology . . . → Read More: Librarian sees increase in number of banned books

Priests forced to reveal sexual past

By James Murray

Priests in Australia’s largest Anglican diocese are being forced to fill out a detailed and highly personal questionnaire about their sexual history, including relationships outside marriage, as part of a crackdown on child abusers in the church.

The Sydney diocese questionnaire also asks about any involvement in the occult, whether priests have . . . → Read More: Priests forced to reveal sexual past

Website for commission on occult and satanism

The Diocesan Commission on Occult and Satanism has inaugurated its website: The aim behind this new website is to keep the people informed about activities held from time to time and to give other information according to Catholic Church teachings.

Another service offered to those who visit is a chain of prayers and . . . → Read More: Website for commission on occult and satanism