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Radio show airs alien encounters

By Eliot Kleinberg

The caller was a pilot 30,000 feet over Area 51, the mysterious Nevada military base that allegedly holds crashed UFOs. The radio host urged him to turn back. The pilot reported an F-16 military jet was heading his way.

“It looks like some kind of ray gun is coming up from the ground. It has a weird-looking barrel, like a light. Oh, God. They’re shooting at me. I’m going in.”

Then dead air… Did it happen? … Debunkers to the contrary, millions of people listen to Coast to Coast AM, a syndicated radio program that airs on some 500 stations in North America. It’s broadcast in the dead of night, for the people who believe, and the people who maybe wonder just a little, and the people who just can’t get to sleep.

Read the original article at: Palm Beach Post

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