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Fans are wild for contests that pit canines against boars

By Manuel Roig-Franzia

The unearthly yowl rattling the swing gate out at the fairgrounds offends the eardrums in almost unimaginable ways. It crosses from a squeal to a grunt and back again, a blaring, impossibly awful incantation. The gate cracks only an inch or so before the beast shoots out, all 250 pounds of snorting, speeding, sharp-tusked meanness. The bogs where Louisiana’s peerless political scamp, Earl K. Long, once hunted can’t offer up a creature surlier than this one: a fully grown, fully cranky wild boar.

Junior Toler waits, squatting behind a splintery wooden box and holding back a yapping Catahoula so eager to chase the pig that it has stretched its collar to a windpipe-crimping tension point. Toler is a bit of a scamp himself. He runs a boar-hunting excursion business as far south as you can go in Georgia, and he boasts that he’ll let you kill those hogs any way you want: bow, gun, knife “” heck, bare hands, if you’re in the mood.

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