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West Nile virus headed for B.C., health officials warn

By Petti Fong

West Nile virus is moving toward B.C. from Alberta and the U.S. and there is little chance the province will not be hit, public health officials said Tuesday.

By spring, or summer at the latest, dead birds infected with the virus will be found in parts of the province, said Dr. . . . → Read More: West Nile virus headed for B.C., health officials warn

Metro labyrinths multiply

By Bob Shaw

How much peace and self-awareness can one man stand? It’s a touchy subject for Dennis Moriarty of Stillwater. As part of his wife’s labyrinth-making business “” and a metro-wide labyrinth craze “” he helped build eight meditation labyrinths in his backyard.

And what creates stress for a builder of stress-reducing labyrinths? “The . . . → Read More: Metro labyrinths multiply

Gorilla shot dead after attack

AS a 158-kilogram gorilla ran free at the Dallas Zoo, attacking four people, employees clashed with police on how to corral the animal before police shot it to death, a newspaper reported today. Despite more than five years of emergency drills together, police officers did not cooperate with zoo staff on March 18 as they . . . → Read More: Gorilla shot dead after attack

Honey may be a healthy sweet

By Randy Dotinga

Here’s some sweet news: New research provides more evidence that honey is healthy for you. Nutritionists at the University of California, Davis, found antioxidant levels go up after people eat several tablespoons of honey a day.

“With honey consumption, we seem to be able to increase our body’s defense system against oxidative . . . → Read More: Honey may be a healthy sweet

Wells on Six Nations reserve contaminated

A study shows nearly 300 contaminated wells on a reserve are a “Walkerton” waiting to happen, the chief of the Six Nations Territory said Tuesday.

“This is serious: we are a Walkerton in the making,” said Chief Roberta Jamieson, demanding immediate action from the federal government. “I don’t think that we need to wait . . . → Read More: Wells on Six Nations reserve contaminated

Three arrests made in hate crime spree

Three teenagers are each facing three charges of mischief following a series of hate crimes in the Toronto area, the city’s police chief announced Wednesday.

The arrests were made Tuesday night in connection with anti-Semitic incidents which took place during the weekend of March 19th, chief Julian Fantino told a news conference.

Read the . . . → Read More: Three arrests made in hate crime spree

Prime minister’s plane has close encounter with UFO


What fate the stars hold for Paul Martin may be unclear. But one thing’s certain: Canada’s prime minister recently had a high-flying close encounter with a UFO. Martin and his entourage were cruising above Alberta when their Challenger jet came within an otherworldly whisker of a luminous object streaking through the . . . → Read More: Prime minister’s plane has close encounter with UFO

Grand chief Swan suspended

The grand chief of the Manitoba Southern Chiefs Organization has been suspended from her $85,000 a year job. Margaret Swan earlier pleaded guilty to stealing band funds while she was head of the Lake Manitoba First Nation.

Organization spokesman Chris Henderson says Swan is on a paid leave of absence. After deliberating all day, . . . → Read More: Grand chief Swan suspended

Five-billion-year-old rock quarrymen didn’t expect


There was a rumble of thunder and then a bolt from the sky struck the earth with such force onlookers thought Judgment Day itself had come. Scotland’s first recorded sighting of a meteorite in 1804 stunned workers at the High Possil Quarry in Glasgow.

But after scientists came to investigate . . . → Read More: Five-billion-year-old rock quarrymen didn’t expect

Online music swapping legal

People who share music files on the internet are safe after a Federal Court rejected a motion on Wednesday that would have allowed the music industry to sue them.

Justice Konrad von Finckenstein said the Canadian Recording Industry Association hadn’t shown copyright infringement by 29 people who had allowed their music files to be . . . → Read More: Online music swapping legal