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For Temple, 1,600 Tons, 8,000 Miles and 1,000 Years

By Michele Kayal

The barefoot man from Bangalore, India, wedged a woolly coconut husk underneath a 400-pound block of stone and began rocking it into place, chanting “aisha, aisha” to keep his rhythm with each little shove.

His workmates marked the stone using a sliver of bamboo daubed with red oxide, checked their line with a builder’s square and a piece of string, and turned it back to the stone mover, who gave it two strategic taps with a hammer and a rough iron chisel before cleaving away the excess with a single decisive blow.

This looks like India, but it is the Hawaiian island of Kauai, where members of the Saiva Siddhanta Church are erecting a white granite temple to the Hindu god Siva that fulfills the vision of their guru and is intended to last 1,000 years.

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