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900 in ‘Japanese sex orgy’

Fourteen on trial in China accused of organising sex party for tourists.

A trial has opened in China against 14 people accused of organising a sex party for hundreds of Japanese tourists on a sensitive wartime anniversary. Up to 900 people were said to have been involved in what is being called the “Japanese orgy”.

The incident in the southern city of Zhuhai in September caused an uproar in China and prompted an official Chinese complaint to the Japanese government. All of the defendants in the Zhuhai Intermediate Court were Chinese and were charged with organising prostitution.

According to news reports, about 400 Japanese men and as many as 500 Chinese hostesses had sex at a Zhuhai hotel over a three-day period that ended on September 18. That was the anniversary of a Japanese attack on a city in China’s northeast in 1931 that many Chinese regard as the start of Japan’s Second World War invasion and occupation.

The defendants include two employees of the Zhuhai International Conference Centre Hotel and 12 organisers of prostitution known in Chinese as “mami” or “mothers,” the New Beijing Newspaper reported.

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