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What the seers say about 2004

Trouble for Bush, a fall in the rand, a dry summer, dogfights in the Middle East, good times in Korea”¦ On the cusp of a new year, Greg Fried spoke to three prominent astrologers who predicted these things and more for 2004, and reflected on the year we’ve had.

Petra du Preez ( writes for . . . → Read More: What the seers say about 2004

Brace for more snow

By Elaine O’Connor

Meteorologist Lisa Coldwells of Environment Canada yesterday predicted alternating flurries and rain into the weekend as temperatures drop below zero.

“We’ve got a cold January coming up,” she said, which could mean more snow.

Senior climatologist David Phillips says this year’s snow season should be light — nothing compared . . . → Read More: Brace for more snow

New privacy rules coming into effect

Expect changes at the pharmacy counter on Jan.1. New federal privacy rules change the way computerized prescription information is handled.

Pharmacies must now have patient consent to share prescription details with doctors and drug plan insurers.

Each company has its own approach to this new responsibility. Carolyn Acheson said her pharmacist at the St. Stephen . . . → Read More: New privacy rules coming into effect

Ban imposed on hunting caribou

A caribou hunting zone 50 kilometres east of Churchill Falls remains closed.

Wildlife officers are imposing the ban to protect a small, endangered herd of Red Wine Caribou. The animals, west of Lake Melville, number fewer than 100. Hunting and hydro development have decimated a herd that may have once numbered in the thousands.

“Nobody . . . → Read More: Ban imposed on hunting caribou

Dead mother’s embrace saves Iranian baby’s life

A baby girl cradled in her dead mother’s arms was rescued from the rubble of a collapsed building in Bam, officials said on Monday — a rare moment of joy amid the devastation of Iran’s earthquake. Red Crescent aid officials told Reuters the mother’s protective embrace had shielded six-month-old Nassim from falling debris and saved . . . → Read More: Dead mother’s embrace saves Iranian baby’s life

B.C. legislature raid results in firings

Police in B.C. aren’t giving any further details about their raid on two offices in the provincial legislature on Sunday.

Publicly, at least, all they will say is that the raid was linked to a 20-month drug investigation. They have made no allegations, laid no charges.

Even so the premier’s office has taken . . . → Read More: B.C. legislature raid results in firings

Saturn: The Star of New Years Eve 2003

By Robert Roy Britt

Saturn will be closer to Earth on New Years Eve than at any time in the past three decades.

In a stroke of good timing, Saturn’s rings are tilted favorably, so that in small telescopes they are as striking as they can be. The setup provides backyard skywatchers a fine . . . → Read More: Saturn: The Star of New Years Eve 2003

Heresy in the Cathedral: Bishop Chane’s Christmas Message

The tragic reality of bishops and other Christian leaders denying biblical truth is no longer a rare occurrence. Nevertheless, certain examples stand out as glaring proof that the theological left is growing loonier by the day.

The latest evidence comes from the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, DC. On Christmas Day, the Right Reverend John Bryson . . . → Read More: Heresy in the Cathedral: Bishop Chane’s Christmas Message

‘Superbug’ a growing problem in Winnipeg

Winnipeg hospitals saw a record number of cases of a “superbug” this year.

Winnipeg health officials recorded 169 cases of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus (VRE) in 2003 compared to 17 cases in 2002 and five the year before.

Currently, 22 people are in isolation at Winnipeg’s Seven Oaks hospital due to the bacteria.

Read the . . . → Read More: ‘Superbug’ a growing problem in Winnipeg

The triumph of orthodoxy

By Hywel Williams

We are living through one of the least heretical periods in western history – and it is our loss

This is the year’s midnight. There’s a hush to the dark, short days between Christmas and the New Year. Some still see it as a sacred time, a period of meditation. Others . . . → Read More: The triumph of orthodoxy