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Artist’s henna designs express her free spirit

BY Kate Santich

Few people ever end up where they expected to in life. Oh, they usually have a plan somewhere along the way, but as the saying sort of goes, stuff happens. They fall in love. They move. They get married or divorced or distracted.

Sometimes, they get religion. Sometimes they lose it.

Barbee Cain has done all of those things – and then some. If you would have told her, back when she 18 and traveling the country in a van with a Christian theater group, that one day she’d be painting on the bodies of nearly naked women at the Orlando Museum of Art, she might have asked just how you managed to escape the asylum.

Yet one night in September, there she was, this 37-year-old mother of three: feet bare, head shaved, clutching an airbrush, looking part flower child, part mad genius. With her were two bare-breasted models wearing scraps of fabric over their southernmost erogenous zones. Among the crowd, this hardly raised an eyebrow.

But one museum official telephoned the exhibit organizer in a panic.

“There are women here with their nipples showing!” he said.

Read the original article at: The Orlando Sentinel

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