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Canadian wolves help save U.S. wilderness

By Randy Boswell

It’s been one of North America’s most controversial experiments in rewriting natural history, but U.S. scientists studying key ecosystems in Yellowstone National Park have concluded that the introduction of Canadian wolves is helping to save America’s most famous wilderness region — even rescuing a crucial cottonwood forest from the brink of extinction. . . . → Read More: Canadian wolves help save U.S. wilderness

McGuinty freezes auto rates

By April Lindgren

Dalton McGuinty moved within hours of his swearing-in yesterday to make good on an election promise to freeze auto insurance rates effective immediately.

Mr. McGuinty also said he will announce the “straight goods” on the size of Ontario’s deficit by the middle of next week after a former provincial auditor delivers a . . . → Read More: McGuinty freezes auto rates

Drawn to mysticism

By Kevin Griffin

There’s nothing like surviving a near-death experience to make you question your priorities.

Three years ago, that happened to Kelly Oswald.

Oswald was in Lions Gate Hospital. Hooked up to a heart monitor, she couldn’t move except in a restricted area around her hospital bed.

For weeks, that was her home. . . . → Read More: Drawn to mysticism

Faulty machine means thousands got wrong results in STD test

By Terri Theodore

Thousands of British Columbians got the wrong results when they were tested for two types of sexually transmitted diseases, a spokeswoman for one of the province’s health authorities says.

A technical problem with a diagnostic machine in Cranbrook, B.C., meant test results were reversed over an 18-month period, said Alison Paine, . . . → Read More: Faulty machine means thousands got wrong results in STD test

Why I won’t be celebrating Halloween with Barbie

It had to happen. Riding the commercial wave of Harry Potter, Buffy and Sabrina, Mattel has launched Secret Spells Barbie, just in time for Halloween. Appropriately adorned in a pink brocade cape-gown, the all-American schoolgirl figurine is now empowered with a wand, cauldron, spell book and “magic” potions.

And just in case you’ve forgotten, . . . → Read More: Why I won’t be celebrating Halloween with Barbie

Dia de Muertos – “Day Of The Dead”

Dia de Muertos: A Celebration of Latino Culture. In the Seattle Center House, Main Floor

Of life’s certainties, Latin culture posits that life’s passing is to be celebrated, not feared. In fact, honoring and celebrating the demise of loved ones is a deeply held tradition throughout Latin America. With ancestral roots in pre-Hispanic cultures (such . . . → Read More: Dia de Muertos – “Day Of The Dead”

Don’t Let Your Kids Celebrate a Religion of Evil

By Tom Barrett

Do you want your children and grandchildren involved in a celebration of demons and witchcraft? Halloween is not innocent fun with costumes and candy, as many believe. You may be surprised by the roots of this religious holiday.

Religious? Yes. A year ago I spoke with a school principal about the fact . . . → Read More: Don’t Let Your Kids Celebrate a Religion of Evil

No spells, no broomsticks and no witch’s hat

By Eric Moskowitz

Dressed as Scooby Doo and Bob the Builder, brothers Sammy and Spencer Goad will get their first taste tomorrow night of a timeless ritual. The towheaded toddlers, ages 2 and 3 respectively, are only vaguely aware of Halloween, but Dad is plenty excited to take them out for their first trick-or-treating experience. . . . → Read More: No spells, no broomsticks and no witch’s hat

New law to make strip searches Charter-proof

By Ian Bailey

Solicitor-General Rich Coleman plans to settle the debate over strip-searching of prisoners at the Vancouver jail with new legislation.

Critics say the searches violate the Charter, but the former Mountie said the Charter allows for reasonable limits on Charter rights where there is a law in place.

“What we’re going to . . . → Read More: New law to make strip searches Charter-proof

Satanism lecture disappoints students

Students looking for an objective talk about devil worship Wednesday night were surprised by Christian music and pamphlets about the dark side of Halloween.

Campus Missions International sponsored its seventh annual “Unveiling the Darkness,”? a presentation on the evils of Satanism, Wicca and the occult that was held at the Holmes Student Center’s Carl . . . → Read More: Satanism lecture disappoints students