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Ghosts: Apparitions or reality?

By Nicole Fitzgerald

Halloween will soon fill sidewalks with ghosts and goblins. Some will ask for treats, while others maybe up to tricks. In Whistler, the theatre is still too young for a resident ghost. However, ghost stories manage to float about once Halloween draws near. They include tales of ghosts at Uli’s Flipside restaurant in Creekside and the abandoned mining town of Parkhurst.

Questions arise: Are these stories really apparitions of the imagination that only arise once a year, are they a marketing ploy to attract tourists attention, or are they real?

“It just isn’t true,”? said Florence Petersen, a local historian and long-term Whistler resident, after being asked about the ghosts at Uli’s and Parkhurst. “That has been a made up thing in the past that is brought up every Halloween. There has never been any mention of ghosts. There is no foundation for it. Somebody made it up.”?

She speculated that the ghost stories arose when a reporter for the Whistler Question wrote a piece on ghosts in the area.

“It was meant for fun and it seems people picked up on it, but it isn’t true,”? she said.

Read the original article at: The Question (Whistler, BC)

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