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Candy corn, popcorn balls and Jesus

By Jake Griffin

Trick-or-treaters might just find a little religion mixed in with their Halloween candy today.

The practice of handing out religious pamphlets, known as tracts, is common among evangelical Christians, some of whom see Halloween as the perfect opportunity to spread the gospel.

“It’s the second-biggest holiday as far as commercialism,” said Paul Barclay, the tract program coordinator at Wheaton Evangelical Free Church. “My thoughts are, let’s reach them and give something along with candy that will also feed their mind and also maybe their parents’ minds.”

Those who give out tracts and treats at Halloween say the holiday is tailor-made for the practice.

“It’s an open opportunity because you’ve got people coming to you,” said Joan Odom, program coordinator at Addison Bible Church. “And children are so receptive. They don’t hand it back to you and say they’re not interested. They take it and go, ‘Oh, good!’æ”

Tracts date back to Martin Luther’s time and, these days, come in various forms for people of all ages.

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