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The Ebony Horse

The Arabian NightsSir Richard Burton, translator1850

The Ebony Horse

THERE was once in times of yore and ages long gone before, a great and puissant King, of the kings of the Persians, Sabur by name, who was the richest of all the kings in store of wealth and dominion and surpassed each and every in . . . → Read More: The Ebony Horse

No spells, no broomsticks and no witch’s hat

By Eric Moskowitz

Dressed as Scooby Doo and Bob the Builder, brothers Sammy and Spencer Goad will get their first taste tomorrow night of a timeless ritual. The towheaded toddlers, ages 2 and 3 respectively, are only vaguely aware of Halloween, but Dad is plenty excited to take them out for their first trick-or-treating experience. . . . → Read More: No spells, no broomsticks and no witch’s hat

Behind Closed Doors

By Kate Prengaman

Happy Halloween. I realized that Halloween really is the best holiday for sex, so I thought that we ought to take a little time this weekend to celebrate. No other holiday even comes close. Dressing up in costumes, playing pretend and begging for tricks and treats: perfect for some kinky fun.

Obviously, . . . → Read More: Behind Closed Doors

Ghosts: Apparitions or reality?

By Nicole Fitzgerald

Halloween will soon fill sidewalks with ghosts and goblins. Some will ask for treats, while others maybe up to tricks. In Whistler, the theatre is still too young for a resident ghost. However, ghost stories manage to float about once Halloween draws near. They include tales of ghosts at Uli’s Flipside restaurant . . . → Read More: Ghosts: Apparitions or reality?

Candy corn, popcorn balls and Jesus

By Jake Griffin

Trick-or-treaters might just find a little religion mixed in with their Halloween candy today.

The practice of handing out religious pamphlets, known as tracts, is common among evangelical Christians, some of whom see Halloween as the perfect opportunity to spread the gospel.

“It’s the second-biggest holiday as far as commercialism,” said Paul . . . → Read More: Candy corn, popcorn balls and Jesus

Get me to the Witch on time

Today is Hallowe’en – and a North Lincolnshire couple will unite in a traditional pagan ritual.

The couple are ditching the traditional white wedding to make way for a Wicca ceremony. PJ Wells and David Campbell-Hooton, of Winterton, have chosen the backdrop of Hallowe’en to have their wedding.

The pair have been engaged for two . . . → Read More: Get me to the Witch on time

Panicked cat owners assured there’s no cause for alarm

By Matthew Ramsey

That’s the advice of Vancouver veterinarians, the SPCA and the Vancouver Humane Society following publication in the research journal Nature of a Dutch study that found household cats can carry the SARS virus without getting sick, can pass the virus on to other animals and perhaps even give it to people.

. . . → Read More: Panicked cat owners assured there’s no cause for alarm

Gay teen sues Christian school over expulsion

A teenager is suing a Christian school, saying it expelled him because he acknowledged he is gay.

Jeffrey Woodard and his mother, Carol Gload, are suing Jupiter Christian School in Palm Beach County Circuit Court. They are seeking at least $15,000 damages for alleged breach of contract and want the school to explain why Woodard . . . → Read More: Gay teen sues Christian school over expulsion

Spells in the City

Be afraid! Halloween is here. ‘Tis the season to be sinister, a dank, dark time of poisoned candy, apples laced with razor blades, Jamie Lee Curtis reruns, Richard Nixon masks, feral children asking for “treats,” and, in a quiet corner of my local Barnes & Noble, a table piled with books that go bump in . . . → Read More: Spells in the City

Bush pushes medicare deal that could include Canadian drug imports

By Beth Gorham

President George W. Bush tried to persuade legislators Wednesday to make a quick deal on a medicare bill that would provide prescription drug coverage for millions of American seniors.

It would be a big boost for Bush, who could start next year’s re-election campaign with a polished image as a compassionate . . . → Read More: Bush pushes medicare deal that could include Canadian drug imports