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Voice analyser snared policeman

Vancouver officer checked for stress level in Saanich job interview

By Lori Culbert

A new, computerized gadget designed to detect deception was used by a veteran Saanich police officer during a job interview with a rookie Vancouver cop, who eventually revealed allegations of perjury, evidence tampering and excessive use of force.

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New fitness plan for schools

An ‘epidemic’ of childhood obesity means bigger role for physical activity

By Janet Steffenhagen

Physical activity will be an integral part of the B.C. school curriculum starting next fall, with fitness assessed just like reading, writing and arithmetic, Education Minister Christy Clark said Monday.

Schools will be required to have their students engage in . . . → Read More: New fitness plan for schools

B.C. parks, forests ministry will combat bark beetles

Workers will be transported by helicopter, snowmobile mainly in the winter, analyst says

By Larry Pynn

B.C. parks and the ministry of forests quietly signed a memo of understanding earlier this year allowing for small-scale logging and large-scale prescribed burns to prevent bark beetles in parks and protected areas spreading to commercial forestlands.

The . . . → Read More: B.C. parks, forests ministry will combat bark beetles

46% of Lower Mainland adults born outside Canada

Number is twice the national average

By Matthew Ramsey

Nearly half the Lower Mainland’s population aged 15 and over was born outside Canada.

The level of ethnic diversity reflects the region’s status as a prime destination for immigrants seeking a better life, political stability and the chance to make money.

A survey released by . . . → Read More: 46% of Lower Mainland adults born outside Canada

Theft threatens privacy of 120,000

Revenue minister orders probe after computers stolen from tax office

By Robert Fife

Revenue Minister Elinor Caplan has ordered a sweeping security review after four tax department computers containing confidential personal information on more than 120,000 Canadians were stolen, CanWest News has learned.

Government insiders say the Sept. 4 theft at Revenue Canada’s offices . . . → Read More: Theft threatens privacy of 120,000

Water restrictions to be lifted Wednesday

If people use water irresponsibly, ban will be reinstated: GVRD

With water reservoirs at only 32 per cent of capacity, and the Lower Mainland’s endless summer already into autumn, the Greater Vancouver Regional District is gambling there’s rain on the horizon.

Watering restrictions that were imposed across the region at the height of drought back . . . → Read More: Water restrictions to be lifted Wednesday

Jakarta to ban witchcraft

Indonesia will consider proposed new laws that could ban unmarried couples from having sex or living together, officials said Monday.

The draft regulations, which also could outlaw black magic, are part of a major overhaul of the Criminal Code, much of which has remained unchanged since Dutch colonial rulers introduced it.

The ministry is drafting . . . → Read More: Jakarta to ban witchcraft

Play name game for child’s sake

By Wendi C. Thomas

A name is the best – or worst – gift a parent can give a child.

If you name your child Tanisha, Lakisha, Darnell or Tremayne, it may be a gift the child will want to exchange.

A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research confirms what I’ve . . . → Read More: Play name game for child’s sake

Firms turn wood, fish waste into new products

By Carla Wilson

Don and Helene Waugh are cooking up a fishy mixture that’s best dumped in the garden, not served on a dinner plate.

That’s fine with them. The dish is a product of a two-year marriage of fish waste from Vancouver Island processing plants and small pieces of wood debris that produces . . . → Read More: Firms turn wood, fish waste into new products

Large number of single women over 40 dating younger men

By David Crary

Demi Moore is not alone. Close to a third of unmarried American women in their 40s through 60s who date are going out with younger men, according to one of the most sweeping surveys ever conducted on the dating habits and sex lives of mid-life singles.

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