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Prayer for rain

This is a prayer in appreciation of water, supplied by Linda Kerby, the self-described hereditary witch from Leawood.

Water is all around us, inside us, and always a part of us.

It is the gift of Goddess that refreshes our bodies in streams and ponds that cleanses our bodies in showers and tubs that nourishes our bodies in cups and glasses that buoys up our bodies in oceans and rivers that sings to our bodies in rain and brooks that carries along our bodies on its tide

It is the gift of Goddess that refreshes our spirit in storms that clear away the negative energy that cleanses our inner self with tears that nourishes our earth with rain on the seedlings that buoys up our mood with the smell of clean air and moist ground that sings to our hearts with torrents of emotion and passion that carries our hopes into a new day.

Water is grounding. It moves in a cycle like the wheel of the year. It starts in the heavens and it falls to the ground. It soaks into the ground and helps the seeds sprout. It helps the plant climb higher and higher into the sunlight. Some of it floats back up into the sky and forms clouds and eventually rain, which starts the cycle all over again.

Goddess, thank you for the Water that we find around us, inside us, always a part of us.

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