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Snorkeling with the seals in B.C.

In Florida, they swim with dolphins, in Norway with whales and in California they dive with sharks. Now, in B.C. you can swim with the seals.

NANAIMO, B.C. — Somewhere close, in this cold, cloudy water, lurk more than 200 harbour seals. They’re not on shore, they’re not bobbing in the water, they’re not . . . → Read More: Snorkeling with the seals in B.C.

Shadowy B.C. spam ring faces Earthlink lawsuit

by Michael McCullough

A shadowy ring of Vancouver-area spammers has been duping Internet users into giving them their credit card numbers and other personal information, a major American Internet service provider claims.

Atlanta-based Earthlink, Inc. filed a lawsuit in the U.S. Federal Court this week against unnamed and unknown participants in separate spam rings . . . → Read More: Shadowy B.C. spam ring faces Earthlink lawsuit

Beijing bids for the heart of Tibet

The passive resistance of Tibet’s Buddhists has caused China’s communist regime headaches, Hamish McDonald reports from Lhasa.

On benches topped with thick floral carpets, shaven-headed teenage boys in yellow woollen cloaks chant Buddhist sutras, led by abbots patrolling the aisles gesturing with bunches of smoking incense sticks.

When each psalm ends there is silence until . . . → Read More: Beijing bids for the heart of Tibet

Love in flames (The Burning Man)

Rising from the desert in one of the most remote places on earth is an 80-foot temple topped by the stylized figure of a man. It wasn’t here last week and it won’t be here after Saturday night-except for the pile of ashes expected from its ritual burning.

In one of the most bizarre . . . → Read More: Love in flames (The Burning Man)

On the trail of the saints

On this, the final long weekend of summer, follow the saints and the saintly through the Townships, from the abbey of St. Benoît du Lac overlooking Lake Memphrémagog to the town of St. François-Xavier de Brompton near Sherbrooke

By Helga Loverseed

A while back, the holiday of St. Jean Baptiste got me thinking about its . . . → Read More: On the trail of the saints

Prayer for rain

This is a prayer in appreciation of water, supplied by Linda Kerby, the self-described hereditary witch from Leawood.

Water is all around us, inside us, and always a part of us.

It is the gift of Goddess that refreshes our bodies in streams and ponds that cleanses our bodies in showers and tubs that nourishes . . . → Read More: Prayer for rain

Piercing can cost you your teeth, warn dentists

Dentists see gum loss where the unpierced rarely have problems, writes Frank D. Roylance.

By Frank D. Roylance.

People who jab studs through their lips and pierce their tongues are not usually eager to hear a lecture on gum disease.

But Dr. John K. Brooks tries anyway. He and two colleagues at the University . . . → Read More: Piercing can cost you your teeth, warn dentists

Fish, fests fillies, fun

Plenty to see and do this Labour Day long weekend

Hiking may not be an option in many places in B.C., but there are lots of alternative events and activities planned for the long weekend.

In Tofino, the Tofino Lantern Festival takes place tonight at the Tofino Botanical Gardens. The annual event is sponsored by . . . → Read More: Fish, fests fillies, fun

Crown land logging OK’d for N.B. natives

The decision, deferred for a year, could mean chaos for the provincial forestry industry

By David Stonehouse

FREDERICTON — Natives in New Brunswick are hailing a court victory that grants them the inherent right to harvest wood on Crown lands, but the decision could mean chaos for the provincial forestry industry.

Thursday’s ruling throws . . . → Read More: Crown land logging OK’d for N.B. natives

Suspected ‘Blaster’ Is Busted

Minneapolis (AP) An 18-year-old from Hopkins accused of spreading a damaging Internet infection weeks ago was arrested Friday and later released under restrictions set by a federal judge.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Susan Richard Nelson told Jeffrey Lee Parson not to access the Internet or any other network connection and placed him on electronic monitoring.

. . . → Read More: Suspected ‘Blaster’ Is Busted