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A method of divination using a crystal ball, shiny stone, mirror, bowl of water or other reflective object or surface until clairvoyant visions appear. The art dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Arabs, and practitioners aim to answer questions, solve problems, find lost objects or people, and help solve crimes.

The tool of scryers . . . → Read More: Scrying

Official Urges Ban on ‘Bruce Almighty’

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – A Malaysian government minister has called on Islamic authorities to ban Hollywood actor Jim Carrey’s latest film “Bruce Almighty,” newspapers reported on Tuesday.

In the comedy, Carrey plays the role of a television reporter who is given the power of God for a week.

“It’s not appropriate to show the . . . → Read More: Official Urges Ban on ‘Bruce Almighty’

Dead-Beat dads don’t Drive.

Albertans who failed for years to pay have lost their permission to drive in every province

By Mike Sadava

EDMONTON – A total of 7,660 Albertans are prohibited from holding driver’s licences because they have fallen behind in child support payments, a spokesman for Alberta Justice said Monday.

Jason Chance said licence lifting is . . . → Read More: Dead-Beat dads don’t Drive.

Winning war on cervical cancer

New Approach. Vaccinating children could reduce disease

By Joanne Laucius

Cervical cancer could be almost eradicated within 30 years if a new approach to attacking a common sexually transmitted virus is adopted, a Canadian researcher says.

The approach – which involves a vaccine to prevent human papillomavirus, plus screening for it – would also . . . → Read More: Winning war on cervical cancer

Judge lashes native-only fisheries

Charges against 130 non-native fishermen tossed out because rights were violated

By Adrienne Tanner

A federal program that established exclusive commercial fishing times for natives has been struck down as discriminatory by a provincial court judge.

Judge William Kitchen stayed charges of unlawful fishing yesterday against more than 130 non-native commercial fishermen who cast . . . → Read More: Judge lashes native-only fisheries

Nude hunting trips ‘a hoax’

A US promoter who offered to take men on “Hunting for Bambi” safaris in which they could hunt down naked young women with paintball guns admits that it was a hoax and now faces misdemeanour charges, the Las Vegas mayor said today.

Michael Burdick could get six months in jail and a $US1,000 ($1,500) . . . → Read More: Nude hunting trips ‘a hoax’

Breath of Hope for Asthmatics

By Gayle Graham

An inhaler has long been the only hope of coping with asthma.

Now new research proves breathing exercises can also help sufferers control their condition – and cut the number of times they have to use an inhaler.

A University of Nottingham team tested the effectiveness of the Buteyko technique – . . . → Read More: Breath of Hope for Asthmatics

Some kids may outgrow peanut Allergy

By Helen Branswell

Some children who are allergic to peanut might actually outgrow the life-threatening allergy, some U.S. researchers report.

A simple blood test could be used to identify which children may have outgrown their allergies, the researchers say. Those who have low levels of peanut-specific antibodies circulating in their blood could then be given . . . → Read More: Some kids may outgrow peanut Allergy

Fluffy bunny (New Topic)

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The term “fluffy bunny” is used within Neopaganism as a partially humorous label for the tendency for paganism to be viewed in a New Age “sweetness and light” manner. Adherents to Wicca and other aspects of paganism who tend to look primarily upon the positive aspects of the faith, . . . → Read More: Fluffy bunny (New Topic)

Police arrest 100 protesters

MONTREAL — Police in Montreal say they have arrested about 100 anti-globalization protesters after demonstrations against a World Trade Organization meeting took a violent turn. About 400 protesters tried to charge the downtown hotel where about two dozen trade ministers are meeting.

Protests against a World Trade Organization meeting turned violent Monday when bandana-wearing . . . → Read More: Police arrest 100 protesters