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Ottawa halts native fishery

Court had ruled race-based fishery violates Charter; Sto:lo vow to defy closure

By Petti Fong and Larry Pynn, with files from Peter O’Neil

The department of fisheries and oceans cancelled the controversial native-only commercial fishery on Tuesday, one day after a provincial court judge struck down the program, calling it “offensive” and “racial discrimination.”

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Campfires banned in all of southern B.C.

By Damian Inwood

Tinder-dry conditions mean campers in southern B.C. can forget about roasting marshmallows this holiday weekend.

Due to the hot, sunny weather, a campfire ban will be imposed by the Ministry of Forests protection branch in the coastal area by Friday.

Campfire bans are already in place in the Cariboo, Kamloops and . . . → Read More: Campfires banned in all of southern B.C.

Escape and Fantasy

by: Richard Russell

I spent a lot of time over the weekend hitting the malls, watching the crowds, and noting the prevailing sentiment. The feeling I got was “escape and fantasy,” a subtle but overwhelming sense of unreality.

These days the kids are heavily into sex, sexy clothes, near-nudity, cartoons, funny-paper movies, pseudo-violence. Look at . . . → Read More: Escape and Fantasy

Arabs and Muslims to be fingerprinted at US airports

By Suzanne Goldenberg

The US yesterday introduced a sweeping new security regime at its airports and borders, photographing and fingerprinting visitors from Arab and Muslim countries.

The regulations, which were denounced by critics as ethnic profiling, went into effect at all American airports and border crossings.

They require all visitors from certain predominantly . . . → Read More: Arabs and Muslims to be fingerprinted at US airports

Farmed Salmon Heavy in Chemicals, Group Says

By Maggie Fox

Farmed salmon, which Americans are scarfing down because it is supposed to be healthy, may actually be carrying high levels of cancer-causing chemicals called PCBs, an environmental group said Wednesday.

Wild salmon fished out of rivers and streams may actually be healthier for the time being, the Environmental Working Group said.

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German teens split on God, astrology

More than half of German teenagers put their faith in astrology – almost the same percentage as who believe in God, according to a news survey Wednesday.

The survey of 12- to 16-year-olds by Iconkids & Youth Institute showed 54 percent believe in horoscopes. Similarly, 58 percent of them believe in God.

Those . . . → Read More: German teens split on God, astrology

Possible solution to softwood dispute

by John Greenwood

Negotiators for Canada and the United States have agreed on a new proposal for a solution to the softwood lumber dispute.

The proposal is being mulled over by industry groups on both sides of the border.

“We have found common ground on the parameters of a possible agreement,” said Sébastien Théberge, . . . → Read More: Possible solution to softwood dispute

Taiwan’s Ghost Month is here again

By George Shen

Today, July 29, is the first day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. In local folklore, it is the beginning of the Ghost Month, when the gates of the underworld are open and ghosts are free to roam among the living, in search of food to live on for . . . → Read More: Taiwan’s Ghost Month is here again

I missed out on sex: Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama has admitted that, in a lifetime dedicated to celibacy and non-violence, he has missed out on sex and that he shoots at hawks in anger.

In a rare interview about experiences he had missed that ordinary people have, he pointed to his groin and laughed, saying: “I obviously missed this.”?

He was . . . → Read More: I missed out on sex: Dalai Lama

Vatican leans on Canadian politicians

Catholic MPs urged to fight same-sex marriage. Church of Chrétien, Cauchon, Martin opposes policy

by Janice Tibbetts

The Vatican is raising the stakes in Canada’s plans to legalize same-sex marriage by issuing a directive for Catholic politicians around the globe to make their politics consistent with their faith.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops . . . → Read More: Vatican leans on Canadian politicians