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Don’t blow the bid, says confident PM

No pushing, no bullying — just be Canadian, Chretien urges the Games delegation

By Peter O’Neil

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Jean Chretien says he’s confident Canada will win the 2010 Olympic bid next week as long as the delegation making its final push in Prague isn’t overly aggressive.

Chretien, in an exclusive interview with The Vancouver Sun, echoed a U.S. International Olympic Committee delegate who warned earlier this week that a cocky Canadian attitude could jeopardize this country’s chances for the 2010 Winter Games.

The 102-person official delegation, which includes Chretien, Wayne Gretzky and his American wife Janet, has to “be Canadian, to be what we are,” the prime minister said during an interview at 24 Sussex Drive.

“Not bully, not pushy. Competent, clear-minded, and creating the feeling that if you go to Canada it will be well done.”

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