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Publisher’s work offends Christians

Those hardline Christian Fundamentalists have no monopoly on aggression and disrespect toward competing faiths.

Consider Ulysses Press, which specializes in New Age religion. Its latest offering on Christianity would have us believe that Mary was a prostitute when she gave birth to Jesus and that the grown-up Jesus committed unspeakable acts with his mother.

Leaving aside the offense to Christians, the Quran also reveres Jesus as a prophet and Mary as his virgin mother. One can hope the militant Muslims who issued death warrants against novelist Salman Rushdie remain unaware of this book.

Ulysses, based in Berkeley, Calif., apparently feels such material fulfills its mission of exploring “spirituality”? and “alternate paths,”? transcending conventional religions.

Its titles promote aromatherapy, Chakra power beads, Gnosticism, herbal and holistic healing, magnet therapy, meditation, Reiki energy, Tantric sex, yoga and “easy-to-do spells”? that initiate teenage witches into occult practices. Not to mention self-help titles including the “thighs and butt workout.”?

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