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Medieval punishment is out, but heresy trials making a comeback

Heresy trials, a distant echo of witch burnings, have reappeared on the American religious scene as part of a bitter struggle between progressives and conservatives.

Ministers outspoken on thorny social issues have been summoned to defend their views before church tribunals. So, too, have . . . → Read More: The 21st CENTURY RACK

Every witch way but loose

By Joel Beck

A planned TV reality show suggests that Pagan religions haven’t yet made the leap to mainstream acceptance. But for some local witches and spiritualists, that’s not a bad thing.

Emilie May probably can’t speak for the vampires, voodoo priests or psychics of the world, but she knows a thing or two . . . → Read More: Every witch way but loose

Amazing religious diversity


The religious breakdown of the 2001 census is a reminder how we do some things differently than the Americans.

The American Census Bureau is not allowed to ask about people’s religion. The prohibition comes from their constitutional separation of state and religion. In Canada, the question has been asked every 10 . . . → Read More: Amazing religious diversity

Parents sentenced for exorcism gone wrong


London Ontario”” Walter Zepeda was possessed by the devil.

His parents, devoutly religious members of a Pentecostal church that believes in such manifestations, knew that much to be true.

They had seen their shy 19-year-old son engage in behaviours that could only signal the presence of Satan.

So Diego Zepeda-Cordera called his . . . → Read More: Parents sentenced for exorcism gone wrong

Diabolizing the Pontiff

By George Neumayr

Will the international community one day imprison popes for “hate crimes”? The question isn’t as outlandish or idle as it sounds. In April, the United Nations debated a resolution that calls upon the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights “to pay due attention to the phenomenon of violations of human rights . . . → Read More: Diabolizing the Pontiff

Symbiotic Relationship

The Sonoma County Herb Exchange brings growers and practitioners together

By Davina Baum

Leslie Gardner doesn’t want to use the word “voodoo” to describe the magical qualities of herbs, but she’s tempted. Obviously, any suggestion that the use of medicinal herbs dips into black magic isn’t something she’d like to promote. After all, . . . → Read More: Symbiotic Relationship

Books challenged for content on display at University of Delaware

“In the Shadow of the Wizard: Literature Challenged, 1900-2000”? is the theme of an exhibit that opens Tuesday, May 27, in the Information Room of the Morris Library. The display, which includes literature that has been challenged by groups or individuals because of its references to sorcery, wizardry, incantations, spells and witchcraft, runs through Oct. . . . → Read More: Books challenged for content on display at University of Delaware

Healing Treatment for Fibromyalgia

By KCRG-TV9 News Health Reporter Cassie Willis

Pain is a symptom of many diseases and conditions. But where do you turn when medication doesn’t make the pain go away?

People who have the condition, Fibromyalgia feel pain in their muscles, ligaments and tendons. And in most cases, the pain doesn’t go away with . . . → Read More: Healing Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Guide to NewYork’s Psychics

Mystical City You knew that New York was the media captial of the world–and that, of course, includes mediums. Also: mentalists, palm readers, clairvoyants, astrologers, even shamans. An all-seeing guide to the city’s supernatural superstars.

Believe this: New Yorkers will stop at nothing to get the latest information. Which is one reason why this . . . → Read More: Guide to NewYork’s Psychics

Alchemy with light shocks physicists

Claims of “unexpected and stunning new physical phenomena” are rare in the abstract of a reputable scientific paper. But the latest report by photonics crystal pioneer John Joannopoulos and his group at MIT, soon to be published in Physical Review Letters, does not disappoint.

The researchers document the ultimate control over light: a way . . . → Read More: Alchemy with light shocks physicists