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Crystal Attraction

by Phylameana lila Desy

A client /friend of mine, Starfire, hand-crafts gemstones into silver pendants. I once bartered a piece of ametrine in exchange for her reiki healing session. A couple of ametrines have come and gone through my hands rather quickly I had wondered if I would be keeping this ametrine. I was getting over a viral infection that had settled into my chest and lungs…and one of ametrines healing properties is to help bring oxygen into the system where it is needed. Perfect timing….. wouldn’t you say!?! I did pass the crystal on a couple of weeks later to someone else.

Another gemstone that had come my way during that time period was a bismuth, aiding me in creating a much needed space of calm and orderliness. My birthstone, yellow topaz, represents the sun. I am very much a person who needs the sunlight. The sun is a natural healer… is the yellow topaz. I have my “manifest it” energies out for a Peridot……..but it hasn’t found its way into my life as yet. But I’m sure it will eventually.

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