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Phoenix Books Database

It’s not ready yet but it’s in the works so I’ve heard. Since I know the database exists this doesn’t quite fall under the ‘Rumors & Gossip Topic’ but I must say I’m looking forward to being able to find a book (and related books) outside the Amazon ‘glitz of the week’ website.

So here’s what I know so far: 60,000+ items are already in the database but apparently they are not limited to books but also music, tapes, incense, oils and the like.

Since this database is a collection of information from many sources it’ll get updated as those sources update, which should mean pretty frequently. New items can be added and it was mentioned reviews, recommendations and the like will over time be added by the Phoenix staff and others.

On the actual functioning of the database you can apparently search for anything from single words in the title, to parts of an authors name, publisher or even using keywords that catagorize any entry.

The proto-type runs already and it’s fast (though still pretty ugly) but no one knows yet if the database will run ONLY in the Phoenix Book Store or if Graham will put the site available on the Internet. Of course an excuse to hang out at Phoenix wouldn’t be a bad thing I’m just not sure my wallet could survive frequent visits.

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