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Material girl turns spiritual as she puts cash into mystic centre

By Vanessa Thorpe

Madonna loves the Kabbalah sect so much she’s helped buy it a plush new London home. And she won’t be gossiping about the other stars who go.

She is one of the most devout and certainly richest disciples of the mystic teachings of the Kabbalah, the ancient Hebrew philosophy. Now Madonna and her husband, film director Guy Ritchie, are to hand over a slice of their fortune to help buy a multi-million pound headquarters in the heart of the West End for the educational charity that promotes a modern, faddish version of the 4,000-year-old spiritual tradition.

A ‘divine system of wisdom’, it derives from the ancient writings of Jewish rabbis but has come to Britain via Los Angeles. Its doctrines now encompass meditation, the purchase of patented health and beauty products, and the promotion of positive thought processes that are said to slow the ageing progress.

Celebrated followers include Mick Jagger, Barbra Streisand, Roseanne Barr, Jeff Goldblum, and Elizabeth Taylor. Models Jerry Hall and Naomi Campbell both wear the red bracelets the Kabbalah recommends to ward off negativity.

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