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Fangs for the Memories

By Rita Kempley

For millions of you, the world really is about to end, and this time, there is nothing your precious slayer can do about it.

After seven seasons of staving off vampires, geeks and the occasional apocalypse, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is pulling up stakes and 4 million fans in this country and many more around the globe are mourning the impending departure of the supernatural TV series.

Although some aficionados have resigned themselves to “Buffy’s” passing tonight, others are still devastated. “I’m going to die,” wails a closet fan, a lawyer who wishes to remain anonymous lest colleagues discover her obsession. She closes the door and whispers when speaking of the “chosen one.”

Truth be told, she is not alone among the accomplished who regularly visit the “Buffyverse.” Theologians, psychoanalysts and academics from all disciplines are drawn to the show like vampires to blood banks. Not that you have to have a degree to fall for the slayer and the Slayerettes.

For the un-Buffed, Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the adorable Buffy Summers, a not-dumb blond Valley girl who moved to suburban Sunnydale with her mother following her parents’ divorce. Buffy discovered that she is descended from a long line of slayers, that Sunnydale (“a one-Starbucks town”) is located over the Hellmouth and that she has been chosen to protect the universe from whatever it spits up.

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