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Local teen claims healing powers find, destroy ‘blockages’

By Mike Roberts

He’s a pretty cool kid, confident, bright, handsome and athletic. He’s got charisma. He’s also got what they call healing powers, and X-ray vision.

“It’s kind of hard to put words to it,” says 16-year-old Adam. “MRI-vision is probably more accurate.”

It was with extreme skepticism that I met the healing kid at a Burnaby hotel last week, along with his mom and dad.

These are not religious fanatics, or con artists who see the marketing potential of a real live

X-Men boy. They seem, well, normal — your regular Vancouver-area suburban family.

In fact, they are extremely anxious that Adam not be identified beyond his first name. They do not want him turned into a sideshow freak. They believe the healing kid needs to have a life, at least until he graduates from high school.

“My girlfriend knows, my family, my sister, that’s about it — I’m trying to heal and have a social life,” says Adam. “I’ve got to help those I can and maintain my own life.”

Whether I believe Adam can “go into someone” from great distances, isolate “blockages” in their bodies, pulverize them with his mind and cure his subjects of arthritis, spinal-cord injuries, migraines, asthma or even cancer, I guess it hardly matters.

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