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Unique Dogon Culture Survives in West Africa

By Chris Rainier

Hidden in the mysterious Bandiagara Cliffs of southern Mali, West Africa, live a people who claim to be the conduit between heaven and Earth: the people of the Dogon.

The Dogon have survived for centuries, withstanding constant slave raiding parties of the successive empires of Ghana, the Sonrai, the Mossi, the . . . → Read More: Unique Dogon Culture Survives in West Africa

Solar, Lunar and Planetary Ephemeris

Three new articles in the Reference Materials sections went up today that might be of particular interest to those watching the skys.

Ten Year Planetary Ephemeris: 2001 – 2010 Solar Eclipses: 2001 – 2008 Lunar Eclipses: 2001 – 2008

If you have created or should you come across any other materials please don’t be shy . . . → Read More: Solar, Lunar and Planetary Ephemeris

Stargazers set for rare eclipse

Stargazers from Britain and beyond are making their way to the North of Scotland, hoping to catch a glimpse of this weekend’s much anticipated annular eclipse.

The rare phenomenon will take place in the early hours of tomorrow morning when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, forming an annulus, often described as . . . → Read More: Stargazers set for rare eclipse

Curbing herbal remedies

A woman goes into a pharmacy in London and asks for over-the-counter emergency contraception, licensed in the UK since 2001. The pharmacist asks several questions about her health including, to her surprise, whether she is taking any herbal preparations. He is acting on the growing concern about harmful interactions between herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals.

The . . . → Read More: Curbing herbal remedies

4 Quotes for the New Pagan

I taught students and apprentices for many years and I’ve had the same questions many many times and thus for your amusment and consideration I offer you my 4 favourites answers from Lewis Caroll and Alice in Wonderland.

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to walk from here?” “That depends a good . . . → Read More: 4 Quotes for the New Pagan

Food companies marketing health benefits

Byline:Myra Lu

Many Taiwanese believe in the potency of Chinese herbal medicines, which often sneak into the diet in one form or another. Soups prepared with a concoction of herbs are thought to ward off colds and restore energy. Some even have a daily glass of water boiled with herbs like Chinese wolfberry, Astragalus root . . . → Read More: Food companies marketing health benefits

Evangelicals target Muslims for conversion to Christianity

By Laurie Goodstein

GROVE CITY, Ohio “” On a recent Saturday in a church fellowship hall here, evangelical Christians from several states gathered for an all-day seminar in how to woo Muslims away from Islam.

The speaker urged a kindly approach: always show Muslims love, charity and hospitality, he said, and carry copies of . . . → Read More: Evangelicals target Muslims for conversion to Christianity

Shamanism combines spirituality, healing

By Clare Knight

When Jokasha Klest first experienced Shamanic Imagery work 16 years ago, she was so impressed with the speed of the results that she decided to dedicate her psychotherapy practice to sharing that work with her clients.

Klest has been practicing psychotherapy since she graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the 1970s. . . . → Read More: Shamanism combines spirituality, healing

Grist: The Rising Cost of Bad Advice

by Adam Hanft

Given all the bad advice out there, business owners need to develop a healthy skepticism of the experts, recognizing that doing so requires more than just an inquiring mind.

“Hey Doc, you’re supposed to be operating on my right knee, remember?” It’s not exactly a confidence-booster, but the National Patient Safety . . . → Read More: Grist: The Rising Cost of Bad Advice

Crystal Attraction

by Phylameana lila Desy

A client /friend of mine, Starfire, hand-crafts gemstones into silver pendants. I once bartered a piece of ametrine in exchange for her reiki healing session. A couple of ametrines have come and gone through my hands rather quickly I had wondered if I would be keeping this ametrine. I was . . . → Read More: Crystal Attraction