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Palmistry, The Study of Lines and Signs

Throughout our lifetime, our bodies register change. For example, the lines on our face that we acquire with age reflect experience and, we hope, wisdom. Lines and signs on our hands, present at birth, grow as we evolve, signifying the accumulated experience of our lives.

Centuries ago, the sages of India established a system of knowledge stemming from the Vedas, the earliest sacred Hindu writings. They studied the hands as a means to unveil and understand the self and relationships with others. They saw that the unique patterns of lines and signs in the hand come into being as a direct result of the way we think. Just as a pebble thrown into the water creates ripples, so our thoughts create similar effects.

Our hands offer us an objective view of who we really are. Through the study of palmistry, we have the opportunity to see to what extent our thoughts and feelings influence our happiness and the harmony of those around us. As we exercise our will in choosing positive patterns of thinking to replace any negative ones, we see our lines begin to change, reflecting a shift in our consciousness. As Shakespeare observed, we are masters of our own fate, that “the fault…is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

Three Levels of Consciousness

Within your palm, you can see the interplay of the three “gunas”, or levels of consciousness. The mounts represent individualized fragments of the superconscious. The major lines correspond to your subconscious level of awareness. The minor lines represent your conscious ability to mine the richness of the hidden subconscious and superconscious energies within you.

The Mounts: Your Superconscious

The Hand is divided into segments called mounts. Each mount relates to a corresponding planet with a specific portfolio. The mounts of the hand provide a tangible record of how you deal with each of these planetary influences and what your challenges are.

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Luna pertains to the qualities of perception, creativity, imagination, and sensory awareness.

Venus shows the condition of the body and how at home you feel in your physical form. The mount of Venus reflects the presence or absence of qualities such as harmony, kindness, grace, charm, and love. It reflects your degree of physical and sexual health, sensuality, and sense of beauty.

Mars Negative
Mars negative stands for your energy, which, when not properly harnessed and channeled, can lead to exhaustion, or possibly to anger and aggression.

Jupiter represents the awakening of the conscious mind. It speaks of your sense of purpose — what role you want to play in life. Jupiter stands for ambition, confidence, leadership and justice.

Saturn indicates the necessity to search within. It represents the alchemist who is able to synthesize the experiences of Jupiter to extract a deeper meaning of life. Saturn stands for wisdom and discernment.

The Sun represents the soul. The Sun shows that aspect within you that can transcend any limitations. Success, charisma, and integrity are all characteristics of the Sun.

Mercury relates to your involvement in the world, and also to your ability to detach from the fruits of your actions. Mercury denotes intuition, spontaneity, and the ability to communicate effortlessly.

Mars Positive
Mars positive deals with mental strength. Positive characteristics include endurance, persistence, and a calm mental state.

Rahu relates to the immediate environment. Rahu reflects the kind of environment you are likely to attract in the present, and how receptive you are to either making the most of it or limiting its potential by resisting opportunities.

Ketu represents the kinds of circumstances attracted in the past and your attitudes toward them. Ketu is your karmic account book, whose balance sheet portrays the entire record of your thoughts, attitudes, and behaviour of the past.

The Major Lines: Your Subconscious

The subconscious mind is shown by the three principal, or major, lines of heart, head, and life that indicate how we feel, think, and live, respectively.

From the formation of the major lines you can detect positive and negative patterns of thought as well as the likelihood of breaking old unconscious habits and the possibilities of formulating new positive ones.

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The Life Line
An analysis of the life line yields valuable information about your physical well-being. The line’s formation indicates the state of health, the degree of stamina, and the condition of the nervous system. It also reveals the extent of your enthusiasm for life, and your willingness to undertake challenges.

From a spiritual viewpoint, the life line indicates your degree of self-control and ability to concentrate and focus. The life line can also be studied for clues to life events that chronicle the major influences affecting lifestyle, such as family influences, health obstacles, and interpersonal conflicts.

The Head Line
The head line relates directly to the intellectual faculties of an individual. From a physical standpoint, it yields information regarding the actual organic condition of the brain.

Psychologically, this line reflects your degree of intelligence, mental refinement, and concentration. In addition, the potential for such spiritual qualities as intuition, composure, and dedication are seen here. Specific life events also register on the head line, particularly those that affect your mental health, psychological outlook, and ability to perceive objectively.

The Heart Line
The heart line serves as an indicator of your loving disposition, emotional makeup, and sexual well-being; it also provides information concerning the physical condition of the heart organ itself. From a spiritual standpoint, the heart line bears an especially close relationship to the soul, reflecting as it does the capacity for engendering the qualities of generosity and forgiveness. Chronological life events also register on this major line — most particularly, events relating to interpersonal relationships and emotional complexities.

The Minor Lines: Your Conscious

The minor (conscious) lines show to what extent you have been able to dive into your subconscious in order to bring its wealth to the surface of consciousness.

Following is a brief explanation of three of the most important minor lines.

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Destiny Line
The destiny line serves as the backbone for the other lines of the hand. It indicates the degree of your desire to structure your life. As a conscious line, it provides the outlet for the major lines of heart, head, and life to express themselves. A destiny line indicates that you have something to live for, to be in love with, and to be dedicated to, and that you have the motivation and focus to achieve your life ambition. The destiny line serves as a medium through which previously untapped qualities can be brought to a conscious level of expression by way of a profession or vocation.

Sun Line
While the destiny line reflects your efforts, the Sun line speaks of the successful fruition of your work. The Sun line develops as a result of your belief and satisfaction in what you are doing. The aura of magnetism that you create around yourself subsequently attracts the appropriate circumstances and associates into your life.

Mercury Line
The formation of a strong Mercury line in the hand indicates that an effortless ability to communicate with others has been developed.

When the Mercury line is fragmented, it indicates that you are not satisfied with your circumstances and surroundings. If such distress is not resolved, a variety of health problems can ensue, leading to the miscommunication that lies at the base of much of the unhappiness in relationships; these can be of an emotional, mental, physical, or sexual nature.

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